Monday, May 16, 2005

Covering for Predators, Good...Discussing Theology, Bad 

We’ve referred recently to the chill coming over Catholicism's more progressive intellectuals with the ascent of Cardinal Ratzinger to the Papacy. One of the Cardinal’s last moves prior to his election was the subject of serious concern.

Fr. Tom Reese’s dismissal as editor of America Magazine came in for a pointed response from Tom Roberts, Editor-in-Chief of the National Catholic Reporter on NPR’s On the Media.

Roberts’ comparison of Reese’s punishment for promoting free discussion of serious church issues, as paired with former Boston Archbishop Cardinal Law’s quiet kick upstairs to Rome for presiding over the biggest sex abuse scandal in the Church, was the coup de grace.

The interview is worth a listen— at the link above. “Order from on High— May 13, 2005 broadcast.

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