Monday, May 16, 2005

Censor's Chill Spreads to NPR 

The Republican effort to censor public broadcast media continues. Stephen Labaton reports today in the New York Times on CPB chief Tomlinson’s efforts to fight ‘bias’ at NPR. Tomlinson has his minions counting stories with what he considers a ‘pro-Arab’ slant on Middle East coverage by NPR.

If anyone was wondering if his position with US government-run media was really a conflict with his position overseeing public broadcasting, look no further. The same story reports:

“Besides his role at the corporation, Mr. Tomlinson heads the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which supervises most United States government broadcasts overseas, including those of the Voice of America. He has continued the policy of his predecessors on that board of blocking NPR from putting its programs on a Berlin station that the German government gave to the United States in the early 1990's after reunification. NPR, which has a significant presence overseas, has long sought to enter Berlin, the largest radio market in Western Europe.”

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