Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Mad Bomber 

I have to wonder aloud if we’ll hear any screaming from the right about Eric Rudolph being offered a life sentence, instead of going through a series of capital crime trials for his bombings. Will anyone bet on whether his punishment will be greeted with less outrage than those of the juveniles whose lives where spared by the Supreme Court recently?

See Suburban Guerrilla for links to and a synopsis of yesterday’s gathering of wingers attacking Federal judges for taking account of world opinion in arriving at a definition of “cruel and unusual.”…

UPDATE: For a real scare, follow the links to Dana Milbank's Washington Post article and read some of the comments from winger panelists about disposing of Supreme Court Justices and other inconvenient jurists. These folks give heart to the Rudolfs of the world, I'm sure.

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