Thursday, April 14, 2005

John Edwards 

Saw John Edwards speak tonight at the New School. He’s the real deal in person— sounds as sparkling as he comes across on the cool screen. His commitment to economic justice is palpable, perhaps too verbose, but comes across as heartfelt.

He’s clearly on a long run for 2008. If he can communicate his ideas in a way that speaks to America as a community and to the aspirations of the middle class as well as he speaks to the problems of the Other America, he’ll give Hillary a run for her money.

He’s focused on fighting Bush concept of treating wealth preferentially to work income and on honoring proceeds of work as being on a par with entrepreneurial gains. It’s a strong and honest pitch. I’d be interested to hear from anyone who's seen him in person to compare notes…. as inspiring as Kerry's 2004 campaign was wonky.

UPDATE: This is what Edwards wrote in apology for his early support of the Bankruptcy Bill. An honest mistake, hopefully.

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