Sunday, March 13, 2005

This Just In... 

In the updates department, here are some additions we’ve made (and having an NYC studio apt, the only renovations around here are to the blog):

Billmon, who, by the way, has a great visual post up now on the Bankruptcy Bill has been added under Blogs as Whiskey Bar.

Political State Report is a new addition and generally useful site updating State politics under Links. Incidentally, they’re having problems over there with typepad script, so if anyone is well versed in it, look for T.Stark’s “Oops” post recently and e-mail your suggestions to retrieve the right column.

A Brooklyn Bridge, now under Blogs helps beef up the local crowd on the left.

Susan’s award-winning writing and creative art now graces the Blogs section as well with Suburban Guerrilla

…and finally, with Spring Training well underway, Fenway Fanatics helps beef up our stats and Sox news, while Jose Melendez’s Keys to the Game adds his quirky columns to the other fine girls and boys under Bosox Blogs.

Glad to have the additions on, now we’ll clean up after the contractors and paint.

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