Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just a Little Valentine 

I'm finally reading Joe Trippi’s book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, about the Dean campaign and about the revolution in American politics represented by his younger, committed, internet-savvy, supporters. It's captivating and a bit intoxicating to remember the moment before the Scream. There’s a power in this medium— in sharing our thoughts and creating a community of ideas and action, which Trippi captures.

While the Dean candidacy itself faltered and fell, the insurgency backed by his supporters remains. Here we are, after all, not all of us in the blogosphere having supported Dean, but many, myself included, were activated politically in opposition to Bush’s optional war and drawn to Howard Dean’s lonely but clear voice. We became active (or reclaimed, for others, our legacy of activism). Here we are, still writing, reading, and participating. I’m hopeful that in the long run, the real legacy of the 2003-4 run won’t be Bush II, it’ll be tens of thousands of us who work, still hold the torch and believe in a better America.

Unlike the activism of the 1960’s and early 70’s, this generation and those of us not too tired to participate again, are savvy about the ways of the world. I don’t think younger activists have an expectation of being given a revolution on a platter, nor are they surprised at the political artillery being wheeled out to defeat progressive change. This allows all of us to build a movement over time, something the right has been working on since Watergate thinned out the ranks of Republican moderates and gave them the GOP as a vehicle to begin rebuilding and taking over.

It will take time, and perhaps more defeats, but I’m hopeful. Being part of the community here in blogistan feeds my optimism. I really believe we have a tool here to nurture each other’s thinking, keep our community strong, and create an extensive grassroots political movement. Hey, I’m a longtime Red Sox fan too, so my obsession with lost causes has been just recently been given new life. I’m feeling good about the future and just wanted to say so this evening.

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