Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Peacock Flunks on Social Security Fact-Check 

In commentary follow-up tonight, NBC used ALL the President’s versions of stats and terms to cut between his State of the Union address and their B-roll and graphic description of the ‘crisis.’ 2018 was described as ‘the year SS starts spending more than it takes in’ (instead of the year the Trust fund surplus kicks in), privatization was referred to as ‘personal accounts’…Brian Williams even asked Olympia Snowe whether SS was ‘in crisis’ or ‘merely broken.’

Yeah, I see why the Right is so upset with the liberal media….not

Oh— and what prompted Tim Russert to think that vocal Democratic anger in the Rotunda, expressed when the President described SS becoming ‘bankrupt’ as “frayed nerves?”

Could it be his own frayed nerves?—a reaction to the criticism Russert’s getting for being such a privatization cheerleader? Using crisis language? Letting Bill Thomas flak for the program without probing? All of the above?

Feel free to write NBC if any of this annoys you…

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