Friday, February 25, 2005

Joe Nomentum 

Recently, we posted an alert to Connecticut friends that Senator Joe Lieberman was ruminating about supporting privatization on some level. In addition to prompting voters to contact his office, his dalliance has now spurred discussion among insiders that the Senator’s Joementum may be slowing to zero among party professionals.

Josh Marshall now reports that, “Just this morning I was talking with some political players involved in the Social Security fight and they were wondering how quickly a few hundred thousand dollars of seed money could be raised to fund a decent primary opponent to run against Lieberman next year. And I have say, I think they could raise it pretty quickly.”

Could Joe’s tough talk about the Bush Administration in January have faded already? Maybe not. His website, while waffling about “making some changes soon,” goes on to say the following:

“Senator Lieberman is unconvinced by the President’s proposal to privatize Social Security through the establishment of private savings accounts carved-out of the current system. Based on what he knows of the plan, the private savings accounts would not preserve the essential guaranteed Social Security benefit and would add trillions of dollars of debt.”

Will Senator Joe stake out more plain prose before prompting prognosticators to prod pols to petition for a primary?


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