Monday, February 07, 2005

Gitmo Justice Stories (again) 

The stories of a freed British detainee at Gitmo are beyond shameful. As we watch torture boy Alberto Gonzales installed at the Department of Justice, it’s especially sad and disgusting to hear the stories of abuse and lawlessness practiced there as SOP. Bob Herbert writes today about the outrageous stain this camp is leaving on the history of a country whose story should be about freedom, but is, under this Administration, about torture and abuse of other’s rights.

“During the whole time we were at Guantánamo," said Shafiq Rasul, "we were at a high level of fear. When we first got there the level was sky-high. At the beginning we were terrified that we might be killed at any minute. The guards would say to us, 'We could kill you at any time.' They would say, 'The world doesn't know you're here. Nobody knows you're here. All they know is that you're missing, and we could kill you and no one would know.' "

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