Friday, February 18, 2005

Bait and Bite on Social Security 

Also thanks to FUGOP, this little tidbit from the President’s Tampa appearance floated up…

“Now, the president insisted, must be "a moment where people of both parties come together." He urged all who disagree with his proposals to offer their own ideas. "I promise you there won't be political retribution for doing so," Bush said.”

...yeah, right, he'd NEVER bite the hand of bipartisanship.

Combine this bait with Fineman’s Newsweek assertion (previous post) that the GOP is waiting for a Democratic proposal to pair off against before the Congressional leadership congeals around specifics, and the strategy becomes clear. Bait and bite.

Dems need not take the bait, just insist that the President make a specific legislative proposal to review, instead of merely prattling on about non-existent crises.

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