Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Won't Get Fooled (Again)? 

Via Pudentilla, we see that the story, which has remained shadowy for some time, about Iyad Allawi executing tortured Iraqi prisoners has gained some more credibility, both in an article in the current New Yorker Magazine by Jon Lee Anderson and in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald by the Herald's chief correspondent, Paul McGeough. An unnamed US official is reported to be the source.

According to Anderson, a friend of Allawi describes him in the following way, “Iyad’s a thug, but a thug where he needs to be one. The Americans who set this up call him Saddam Lite.”

OK, I'm listening, it wasn't the WMD, it wasn't getting rid of torturing, murderous dictators, it was...spreading democracy. Right.

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