Friday, January 28, 2005

Privatization is Proving a Harder Sell... 

I'm wondering what AARP will do to make Florida hot during this cold winter.... as President Bush begins his campaign-style swing next week through the Sunshine State, plugging his Social Security privatization plan. Will representatives of groups supporting Social Security as we know it travel the route as opponents?

Florida Republican legislators will have to face a difficult choice in this state, knowing the huge percentage of their constituents who depend on Social Security will be watching intently to know what stand they'll make on privatization legislation. Will many of them find other places to be when President Bush stands and delivers on a plan that now seems to offer defined benefit cutbacks and less security?

Even Karl Rove is running into difficulty with the congressional Republican rank and file this week, as he and Andy Card plug the President's plan at the GOP's Greenbrier retreat, according to Mike Allen in today's Washington Post. It's getting tougher for legislators who must face the voters again in two years to line up behind a President who won't have to.

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