Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jack Newfield  

With the great loss of life this past week, it’s been easy to overlook the passing of some great American figures. I recommend taking a moment to read Wayne Barrett on Jack Newfield, who passed away in December. While I don’t link to paid subscriber sites, you may want to check out Joe Conanson’s personal memory of his mentor as well at Salon.com

"Pick an issue. Study it. Figure out who the decision makers you want to influence are. Name the guilty men. Make alliances with experts. Combine activism with the writing. Create a constituency for reform. And don't stop till you have achieved some progress. This is what I mean by the Joe Frazier method. Keep coming forward. Be relentless. Don't stop moving your hands. Break the other guy's will."

-Jack Newfield 1938-2004

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