Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Index Change=Less for Retirees 

The Washington Post reports today in an article by Jonathan Weisman and Mike Allen that the Bush Social Security plan will likely call for a change in indexing that results in reduced defined benefits for retirees...in English, less money each month.

But with the 'offer' of individual accounts, many people will make up for that, the White House suggests.

Just as an aside, if anyone out there is waiting for the 'offer' to set up your own private retirement account, wait no longer. They're available...have been, will be. They're called IRA's, 401k's, SEP's, Keogh's, etc. We've got'em, thanks.

Meanwhile, we'd like the Administration to keep it's mitts off our Social Security, thanks.

...and serious thanks to Josh Marshall, for linking to the Post article in his continuing excellent coverage of Social Security 'reform.'

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