Saturday, January 08, 2005

Having a Ball 

Yeah, Yeah, I know there are some pretty serious issues to be thinking about on a Saturday morning— more casualties in Iraq, the aftermath of the Southeast Asian tsunami, the attempt to dismantle Social Security and more, but what seems also to have caught the attention of the NY Times front page is, “Who owns the baseball that ended the Curse?”

Doug Mientkiewicz
caught it at the end of the World Series against the Cardinals. He still has it. As they used to say in my Massachusetts high school days, “Possession is 9/10’s of the law.”

Tyler Kepner has queried Harvard Law School professors, former Twins teammates of the Sox’ first baseman, and Baseball Hall of Fame officials in an effort to run down the very long and short of the matter.

Meanwhile, real Sox fans know a Dan Shaughnessy story when they see one. Like many of the Boston writer’s brushback pitches, this high fast one will likely be put into perspective soon enough. While the initial story has tweaked New York into a page one lather fit for sore losers, the Boston Globe (bottom of article) has relegated the aftermath back inside the Sports section, where Mientkiewicz is quoted saying that his initial comments to Shaughnessy were meant in jest, including the offhanded statement that the million dollar ball would be his retirement fund.

I look for the ball to go on tour and hopefully reside in Cooperstown, where many a Son of Sam Horn will kneel in its presence.

On the other hand, think about the ball’s bargaining power to a man locked, mano a mano, in a battle to start the new season at 1st base against Kevin Millar

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