Saturday, January 29, 2005

'The Coma Guy' 

I have a special feeling for a guy named Steven Manganello. He’s known in Red Sox Nation as ‘The Coma Guy,’ since he managed to find the hardest possible way to miss the incredible comeback the Sox pulled off last fall to break ‘The Curse.’ He fell into a coma.

Steve is a die-hard Sox fan from Maine, whose grandfather passed away in 2003, without having seen the Sox return to the championship since 1918. Steve planned for his 2004 vacation in Japan to end before the baseball playoffs, but was hit by a speeding taxi in Tokyo and hospitalized before he could return. He spent up until Thanksgiving in a coma and semi-coma state, returning to the world and two thoughts:

1- "Holy crap, I almost died!"

2- "Holy crap, the Red Sox won the World Series!"

As a die hard Sox fan who spent the World Series working in Florence, Italy, where the curse of the Bambino meant that someone had been blackballed by a supernaturally capable child, I volunteer to watch World Series games 1-3 with Steven.

Game 4, I caught on a one-day delay via the “North American Sports Network” in a Florentine Irish pub, with several RS Nation expats and some fascinated Irish soccer fans. But I’d watch it again with this guy.

(A tip of the cap to The Joy of Sox for pointing to Bill Simmons' ESPN Magazine article)

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