Saturday, October 30, 2004

"Help Me," cried Rove. Far Away, A Man Heard His Plight... 

If Bush and Rove had been casting for something, anything, to take the curse off the Iraqi weapons scandal, nothing could have had the distraction value of the Bin Laden video...this will be quite the rolling grenade through the final days.

Do you think Osama wants to deal with a US Administration that will focus on HIM instead of Iraq? Perhaps not...

Beautiful Boston ...and Bin Laden 

Stan Grossfield reports in today's Boston Globe--about Pedro Martinez' shock upon the Red Sox triumphant early morning return to the Hub, "Oh my God,'' said Martinez. ``Everybody's on the street. Look at those helicopters. Nobody's going to work. The Sox are here. Blow them kisses. I could die now. I'm at peace.''

Just don't tell us you'll sign with the Yankees.

``I promise,'' he said. ``I'm not going to the Yankees. I want to stay right here.''


...meanwhile, in some remote part of South Asia, a murderous sorehead is attempting to distract us all from the joy by weighing in on the US Presidential campaign.

In his latest home/cave video, Osama wants to give the impression that he didn't really want to see all those dead Americans at Ground Zero...right.

Let's party for the Sox, take care of business in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin, then we'll come back for Bin Laden later.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Early Trends are Good! 

Look at the surge in early voting!

Republicans had already made much greater use of early voting in past elections and are now concentrating their current efforts on disqualifying newly registered voters. The only logical inference to draw is that this trend is evidence of a surge of Democratic voters. Check out the NY Times picture of Miami Dade County. These people are waiting hours to vote-- and the 10,000 volunteer lawyers out for the Kerry campaign and progressive organizations are making sure they aren't discouraged by intimidation squads.

See also Krugman in today's NY Times. The weapons scandal is going to provide the coup de grace to this failed Presidency in the final week, but it is by no means the reason, just the latest example of the gross incompetence and arrogance of Bush/Cheney.

There's no taking anything for granted, however, and turnout on Election Day is still key. As Manny Ramirez said before Game 4, "Let's not let these guys breathe!"

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Amazing, Simply Amazing...Did I Say Amazing? 

Michael wrote me in the eighth inning...I jumped off e-mail...It's hard to believe my eyes here in an internet cafe in Florence, but there are pictures of the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX on the net! Oh, my God!

This is a moment for the ages... love you, Sox Nation-- we all deserve a great party. Let's just sober up in time to beat the crap out of Bush next week!

Oh my God....it really happened....(I'm pinching myself now)....Oh my God, I'm awake and alive for this.

The internet cafe is playing "Knockin on Heaven's Door." Simply appropriate.

Oh, My God!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

On the Verge 

You gotta get your head around a new reality with the BoSox leading St. Louis 3-0 and all the breaks going the Sox way. A friend sent an e-mail with this political visualization to keep the positive power of positive thinking upfront there as well.

You never know, eh? 86 years of Series drought nearly broken and less than a week until a historic election. Keep the Faith.

Euro Notes 2 

Here in Europe, people are having a hard time understanding why our Presidential election is so close. They seem to mostly view Bush as stupid, which is a miscalculation that probably explains why they underestimate (or misunderestimate, as Bush would say) the President's political skills. The goofy homespun Texas thing is so stagey, but masks his usually sharp political persona.

Watching the CNN International clips of the two candidates certainly explains the perception though. To see Bush spinning what a wonderful thing is happening to Iraq while huge stockpiles of explosives are gone missing there, Iraqi recruits are beheaded, and a Japanese tourist (tourist?) is abducted is hard to fathom.

The Kerry campaign seems to be latching onto the explosives news item as the sort of gotcha moment they think can be exploited. From the distance of Europe it does capture the strange quality of the "success" Bush/Cheney is pushing as Iraq policy.

Some Call It Tenacity... 

Nicholas Kristof's column in today’s NY Times makes a point about something I’ve been noticing a lot lately- President Bush’s “casual relationship with truth.” Kristof thinks it’s the tenacity of a true believer to make up facts to suit his “larger truth.” I just call it lying, as with his mendacity about the flu vaccine during the debates.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Sore Losers? 

An AP story amuses Red Sox Nation. Apparently, the Mantle family is incensed that the owner of Mickey Mantle's New York restaurant has temporarily renamed the establishment after Ted Williams, the late Red Sox slugger, for the duration of the World Series.

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