Saturday, September 11, 2004


It's September 11 again. One way maybe to to remember without the jingo hype is to listen to WNYC for memorial coverage.

I also felt warmly listening to Art Spiegelman yesterday look back on how the art world has responded to 9/11 over the past 3 years. He's done his first comic since Maus, inspired by his experience at Ground Zero that day.

We still mourn here.

Friday, September 10, 2004

...and the Bubble Wrap, Please 

Don't worry, be happy!

If you thought the economy looked bad, it's probably just that you overlooked all those people who've given up on getting jobs and are now selling everything they own on ebay , according to Veep Strangelove, Dick Cheney. Look, I'm really not making this up!

...or We'll Kill You 

... and while we're talking disinformation, Megan Brown says check out Maureen Dowd from yesterday's Times as well. The piece is aptly named "Cheney Spits Toads."

"George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have always used the president's father as a reverse lodestar. In 1992, the senior Mr. Bush wooed the voters with "Message: I care.'' So this week, Mr. Cheney wooed the voters with, Message: You die.

The terrible beauty of its simplicity grows on you. It is a sign of the dark, macho, paranoid vice president's restraint that he didn't really take it to its emotionally satisfying conclusion: Message: Vote for us or we'll kill you."

Letter to the Editor 

While I read Nicholas Kristof's Op Ed in the NY Times yesterday with a feeling that this election has sunk to new lows, I gotta believe in fighting fire with fire, politicswise. The most pertinent thought about the National Guard "issue" is its relationship to the flag draped disinformation campaign of President Bush, as pointed out by a letter in today's Letters to the Editor:

"Does George W. Bush's alleged shirking of his Texas Air National Guard duties, even his possible misrepresentation of service, disqualify him from being commander in chief?

Mr. Kristof answers his own rhetorical question with a "no." I agree.

But President Bush has staked his presidency on being militarily aggressive, physically tough and heroically brave. He has built two campaigns on a vow of renewed integrity. The guiding mantra of his politics is "personal responsibility."

What disqualifies Mr. Bush from being commander in chief is hypocrisy."

Paul Wallfisch
New York, Sept. 9, 2004

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Posting Problems 

Sorry for the deafening silence of white space here...experiencing posting problems...hopefully you see this and know we're back online...

Krugman site 

Looking for a link to Paul Krugman's excellent Op-Ed this week, I stumbled across a link many will want to his Princeton website. Easy to access his writing here, though not so updated I see.


Democracy is about making choices with our resources. People need to hear about the choices we have.

The choices that are being made on our behalf need to be spoken of, explicitly and clearly. We are being denied adequate health care, education, housing, transportation, job training, and infrastructure improvements in return for runaway spending on war in Iraq and to prop up a tax structure that allows subsidies for the fabulously wealthy, while continuing to spend the average taxpayer’s dollars like a drunken sailor.

These choices have been, are, and will be made—in our name and largely to our detriment, until we stand up and say, “No!”

I hope we’ll see that choice being spoken of, loud and clear during the coming fifty-odd days until the November election. Nothing less will be enough.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Beyond the 11th 

I’d like to make a plug for two brave women who are making a difference in the midst of all the cynicism and chicanery running rampant this American election year. Patricia Quigley and Susan Retik lost husbands on September 11, 2001. Both women were pregnant at the time and they were profoundly grateful for the support they received from both friends and strangers.

Since then, Susan and Patricia have started an organization, Beyond the 11th, to support other widows like themselves, war widows who’ve not received as much attention, living in Afghanistan both pre and post Taliban.

To quote from Beyond the 11th’s website: ,

“As Patti and Susan struggled to recover from their loss, they felt a growing kinship with the overwhelming number of widows in Afghanistan. They recognized the incredible generosity they received and the absolute scarcity of help for their counterparts in Afghanistan. In 2003, Patti and Susan founded Beyond the 11th to help provide financial and emotional support to these widows and their children and to give them hope for a better future.

The situation for widows in Afghanistan is desperate. While the collapse of the Taliban has resulted in general improvement in the lives of women and girls, these new opportunities are still out of reach to the Afghan widows who lost their only means of support. Illiterate and unskilled, they struggle to provide the most basic of needs - shelter, food, and clothing - for their families. International relief organizations estimate that in Kabul alone, there are 30,000 - 50,000 widows, struggling to support an average of five children on less than $16 per month. In other parts of the country, the situation is even worse.”

Patti and Susan will be beginning a bicycle ride to raise funds for Beyond the 11th, leaving from Ground Zero (west side, stay tuned for exact location) and riding to Boston on Thursday morning, September 9. If you are near or in New York City and would like to help send them off, please join with them and raise a cheer as they set off between 7:15AM – 8:15AM. They’ll be helped out in their efforts if a large and vocal group cheering helps to raise their visibility, especially as they will be covered live by national media on CNN and ABC.

While We're Talking Issues... 

Did you see Pat Buchanan and Bob Graham on "Meet the Press" yesterday, sitting side by side, sounding like the Bobsey Twins, hammering Bush's antiterror stance and the war on Iraq? I thought they were going to have to reduce Newt Gingrich, who was on the satellite feed, to a corner circle wipe insert, shouting, "Make it stop!"

Both non-candidates went after Bush for his completely ham handed approach to the Middle East and for trying to turn the war on terror into a culture war as opposed to a clash over political actions. It was hard to imagine these two agreeing on anything, but there they were, calmly nodding at one another as each pointed out the misleading and concocted intelligence and political wishful thinking behind the botched war on Al Qaeda and justifications for invading Iraq.

Catch it this week on CNBC if you can... just for the pure theater of it if nothing else.

A Novel Approach 

Apparently, Clinton advised Kerry on the phone to stop talking about Vietnam and start talking about health care and lost jobs and the burden on the middle class of the Bush economy. Gee, what a concept: talk about the issues... guess that's why the big dog got elected twice.

You Call This a Holiday? 

Spent the Labor Day weekend in a place without internet access...good God the country can be uncivilized... hard not to blog when Bubba is calling the shots from his sickbed. I must say, the best line of the weekend was his. When asked how he felt about going in for bypass surgery, Clinton said, "It's not just the Republicans who want four more years."

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