Friday, July 23, 2004

Back from a few days away, tuning in to the news, one could almost miss the Army Inspector General's report on prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unexpectedly, it was released on the same day as the 9/11 Commission Report. Hmm... I can't begin to guess why. Well, let's see... the report confirms there was more prisoner abuse than had previously been reported.

What else, you ask? Nothing, really. It was all about low level officers and enlisted men. No one in any higher authority did anything really wrong.

Why, you ask, were policies in place changed then? No reason, really.

Let's just move along, here, nothing to see, keep it moving, no stopping to gawk. Keep walking.

Let's just move on to other subjects, right?

Listen to a synopsis and let's look for more anyway...

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Pissed Off American summarizes the Nicholas Kristof column in yesterday's Times that was to be my entry today. Check out the column itself.

Kristof makes me think about the ways in which the "War on Terror" has been turned through public relations and media manipulation into a Christian rally against everyone the right would like to annihilate-- into a stew of faceless opponents of THEIR American Way. Very scary to realize that a novel of ethnic cleansing called "Glorious Appearing" has sold 60 million copies-- in the US.

I'm heartened to see lots of other Americans of all faiths who aren't buying any concoction of hate, the Second Coming, and attempted coup. Kristof is hestitant to write about anyone's religion, but takes on the public embrace of genocidal fantasy in this popular novel.

My concern is that this sort of ignorance has been subtly embraced by the far right politically to justify a religious war on Islam and on the principles of democracy at home-- indeed on anything outside a narrowly defined Christianity. Sounds like somebody else we know who lives in a cave, eh?

Al Queda is what attacked us-- not Islam itself, not liberals, not Palestinians, not gays, not Iraq, not Cuba, not Democrats, not the Bill of Rights.

And in New York City we don't believe it was an attack on fundamentalist Christianity either. We saw people of every background and persuasion perish. We don't need more fantasy nuts, we have enough craziness on the loose already.

Just discovered someone who has way more time to rant than I do. Check out pissedoffamerican blog...

Wish I’d seen Standing in the Shadows of Motown , a documentary about the Funk Brothers, when I was a kid going to piano lessons with the battleaxe teacher who taught me. High recommendation if you love Motown, history, or documentaries.

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