Friday, July 16, 2004

Registering voters is a surprisingly satisfying way to spend a little time. It’s amazing to find out why people haven’t voted.

On the phone, one woman from a Philadelphia neighborhood thought she couldn’t vote unless her health improved enough to make it to the polls. She was amazed to learn she could vote absentee once she was registered.

Another thought he had to return to the state he used to live in to change his registration.

A lot of folks just didn’t have the time to find out the process. One woman had it on her to-do list for months, and was delighted to be able to stop on the sidewalk and fill out a form.

There are way too many ways we make voting harder and more arcane than it needs to be.

Good voter registration PSA's

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Saw the soon-to-be-closed revival of Steven Sondheim’s Assassins on Broadway tonight.

It is entertaining, dark, and right to the quick about the American madman’s propensity to gain fame and lasting impression by one dastardly deed, when all in life has failed . I suppose it will be awhile before we see it revived again, but it has found a most appropriate time to re-emerge, in the midst of a dark madman's era.

Speaking of illogical madness, Maureen Dowd is right on the money in the Times about the fallacies of the Bush war on terror. She appropriately points out that despite his abject failures, Bush may well remain unless Kerry can convince the voting public he'll do better at protecting us.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

You gotta love the whole debate over starting Roger Clemens to do the PR event of the year, then seeing him get lit up like a Christmas tree in the first inning of the All Star festivities.

This is the Roger we Red Sox Nation fans knew for many years. Yeah, he’s a great pitcher, a dominant force, but such a head case when the pressure builds. I was always amazed that he relaxed enough to become more of a money pitcher during the Yankee years (but isn’t that just typical when the Yankees are involved?).

It was also very nice that Manny and Ortiz took the NL yard. Show the flag. I gotta hope for a second half like the Sox never seem to have. Maybe Randy Johnson will even show up for the pennant race in the Hub… you never know, ‘cause anything can happen out there.

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