Saturday, April 17, 2004

There is something lovely about baseball movies, at least the better ones. Maybe it's just tapping into the 10 year old in me, but the iconic moments, where baseball is the metaphor for life, or the escape to simple lessons in a complex and damnable world, are wonderfully satisfiying. "The Winning Season" has me adding it on after "Bull Durham" and some of the better ones. It's syrupy but romantic.

Volunteered at a gathering for ACT (America Coming Together) on Thurs. night. This group is a savvy get-out-the-vote operation that isn't so much interested in changing opinions as in getting progressives to the polls in battleground states to win the 2004 election-- a capital idea.

Their website describes them as the following:
"America Coming Together (ACT) is dedicated to energizing the electorate to achieve crucial changes – the mobilization of millions of people to register and vote around the critical issues facing our country, the defeat of George W. Bush and his Republican allies, and the election of progressives in vitally important state, local, and federal contests."

A fellow named Steve Rosenthal, a longtime veteran of political and labor campaigns, described their strategy, which involves spending alot of bucks to get foot soldiers on the ground with Palm technology to identify, register, and pull potentially progressive voters for the election. If you're thinking of working in a battleground state or contributing to an efficient and effective organization, I'd take a look at them. http://www.americacomingtogether.com/

Sox drew first blood last night. Evil Yankee empire loses at Fenway-- ah yes, spring has arrived!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Bush is holding firm. Last night's imitation of Harry Truman woulda' been more convincing if he hadn't spent the last several days passing the buck to the FBI over 9-11. Holding firm in Iraq. God help us...

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