Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ohio Post-Mortem 

Steve Rosenthal's column in today’s Washington Post has some element of C.Y.A. regarding how America Coming Together couldn’t have done any better in Ohio than it did turning out the Kerry vote (there were, after all, lower turnout numbers in seriously pro-Kerry counties than in seriously pro-Bush counties— I did the numbers). Rove did his homework on getting out his vote and while ACT/Kerry hit their targets, Rove's targets were just that much higher.

The real news in ACT's Ohio post-election polling is, however, that it should put to bed the religion-did-it theory once and for all.

ACT's polling showed again that the big bump in the Bush vote was about terror. That's what the campaign was about-- softening Kerry up to look weak on defense and equating Iraq with bin Laden.

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