Monday, December 20, 2004

No Surrender- Part 2 

Josh Marshall's point is well taken that we should fight our hearts out. BBDB's previous post is not intended to disagree with him on that. In fact, to be clear-- I have great respect for the position he takes on no tweaking with compromise, even agreeing with Nick Confessore about jettisoning Democrats who do.

An additional concern about any consideration of losing the battle now on privatization is that there's a Rubicon crossed if Bush is allowed to win-- he'll have created new "stakeholders" with private accounts if he does. These will be young people who will be hard to win back-- until years have passed and their positions are seen to have been more risky for all but the investment community who'll profit.

It's hard to convince people that no matter what paltry investment (like the $600 tax rebates most people got in the initial Bush tax cut and deficits for years...) they're given in a bait and switch, that they should return it--even if it's in exchange for something more secure. Winning this time, therefore, is that much more important.

On the fight, we agree- no compromise.

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