Sunday, June 06, 2004

Since I’m looking forward to seeing California friends soon, let’s dedicate this entry to them:

Anyone looking back to the “energy crisis” in California of a couple of years ago should really listen to the recently released audio tapes of Enron traders talking with West Coast power producers during that period. (WNYC-The Brian Lehrer Show June 4 History Lessons )

They are caught asking for generators to be taken offline “for 3 or 4 hours” at a time, while joking about shoving electricity rates “up grandma’s a**” in California during the calls.

Now I’ve got nothing against crude language spoken between traders and producers, go ahead, yuk it up. These tapes also show a willingness to break fraud laws, however, and that strikes me as an ethics problem. Not to mention how the supposed California “crisis” was a reason for the Bush administration to push more oil drilling, more hype about needing foreign energy, and of course, more deregulation of the power companies.

Since then we’ve had a massive East Coast blackout caused by, you guessed it, a largely unregulated power company, more relaxation of pollution standards, the collapse through fraud of Enron, a parade of former Bush Pioneer donors from said company to criminal court for fraud, and a little bitty war over, among other things, oil.

And now, the news that the California Crisis that caused their energy prices to go through the roof was manipulated in the first place.

Dunno about you, but I feel kinda used….

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