Monday, May 17, 2004

OK, it gets tiring reading about this Administration's folly day after day. Maybe I'll give you a rest. But not today.

Not on a day when I wake up to find that with a HUGE budget deficit, HUGE problems in our economy, big big bills to pay for a war in Iraq that the Bush Administration won't even include in an election year budget, and lots of children and families out there without health care-- this bunch is sending a $10 Billion appropriation up to the Senate for Star Wars!

No not today.

If we should be spending money on some kind of shield for our cities, it ought to be one that addresses the problem of terrorist suitcase bombs, not the nonexistent Cold War threat. These guys won't adaquately fund first responders in our cities to deal with emergencies that may occur in quite concievable terror threats, but thay have money for this. This waste of money is just so eighties...

If it were operational in the next ten years (and it won't be), it might help address the North Korea problem that this Administration won't address now diplomatically. For free.

Who benefits? Let's ask that question. I'm sure the answers will be interesting...

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