Saturday, May 08, 2004

I realize I'm writing a lot about Iraq, which may seem obsessive for a New Yorker, but what's happening there seems perhaps more appropriate for New Yorkers to care about than it would have been before 9-11.

We had death rain down on our city from across the world, unasked for, changing the lives of many civilians in an instant. People in Baghdad, it strikes me, have had the same sad experience, mutiplied many times in it's severity. Another cosmopolitian city, another tragedy.

The latest revelation, that the ICRC has been protesting to "high officials" in the Bush Administration about prisoner abuse in Iraq since last fall, apparently to no avail, once again exposes the mendacity of Rumsfeld and company. That Rumsfeld can now turn around and attempt, as he apparently did yesterday in front of a Senate committee, and attempt to make an issue of whether journalists should be shining a light on the abuse, highlights his brass balls. The only issue at this point should be his fitness for office.

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