Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Al Queda is at war precisely with liberalism, human rights, every value that progressives hold dear. They make the right wing look like a touchy feely peacenik commune singing ‘Kumbaya.’ They are killers, killers, killers. I would love to take on Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh about how much we on the left want Osama gone and al Queda destroyed, eliminated, dead.

What I get really peeved about is how this Administration thinks we’re too stupid to understand the difference between al Queda and every other bad guy they’d like to take on-- or every poor bastard living in a country we don’t like. War on Terror—right. Someone on a comedy channel recently declared a War on Error. Where do we sign up?

I’d love to see funding for our emergency preparedness in New York, I’d like to see three times the US troops in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan, I’d like to see a truly serious effort to fund the rebuilding of Afghanistan. I’d like to see us get the Saudis to fork over all their intel on al Queda.

What do I get as an American citizen instead? I get endless justifications and spin on why their personal adventure in Iraq can’t be modified or further internationalized, despite every indication that in addition to being unjustified on the top two or three counts given the public beforehand, its SCREWING UP BIG TIME EVERY DAY on the ground. I get the Secretary of Defense saying its too big a pain in the ass for him to answer questions for ten days about the torture and humiliation of Iraqi civilians in Saddam’s biggest prison on his watch. I get my President backing a plan for continued war sponsored by the right wing Israeli PM that he can’t even sell to his own party, much less his own public.

In short, I get our leaders f*cking up. This pisses me off. We need leadership.

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