Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Dec 15, 2003
So Sadaam has been caught. I suppose that now we are all to fall into line and be excited about his imprisonment. A guy who is so marginalized he hides out in a hole in the ground is the great enemy we have finally overcome.

Doesn’t this picture make you wonder just how imminent his threat must have been? I mean, here we are, dedicating hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars (and God knows how many lives) to fight a virulent strain of terror that threatens our way of life and the guy is found hiding out in a hole in the ground? I gotta think long and hard about this.

Don’t think that anyone could believe Sadaam was a harmless fool. He was a brutal authoritarian ruler of a country across the globe from us. He ruled a country that was so poor and crippled by sanctions imposed on it because of his foolhardy expansionism that he couldn’t effectively prevent the international community from containing him and his weapons programs. He had only his psychotic, overblown pride and hubris to ward off the worldwide pressure to allow unlimited inspections.

But is this kind of pathetic dictator really the legitimate object of a practically unprecedented bombing campaign against a country’s infrastructure, army, people and an occupation that ultimately uncovers no seriously threatening weapons? If Iraq has weapons that imminently threaten the United States, why weren’t they used against our soldiers when we invaded? Were they being hidden away for a later, more serious national crisis that Iraq might face after it had been taken over by a foreign power? This is too crazy to buy.

So too bad for Sadaam. I won’t waste my pity on him. But let’s pray that the international community will be allowed to succeed this American adventurism in Iraq before it comes back to bite us on the backside. Let Iraq rebuild without being colonized. Let’s declare victory and invite in the world before it’s too late. Goodbye Sadaam and goodbye Bush.

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