Saturday, August 02, 2003

Time for a new blog approach—since life has become even more frantic, I’m throwing over the idea of a well-thought-out and revised entry in favor of having SOME entry. It’s been a couple of months of thinking about writing something and being too exhausted to take it on—so here goes, grammatical errors and all…

Things that burn my butt lately—Bush, Bush, Bush, and Bush. This guy thinks we’re really stupid, doesn’t he? Can’t take responsibility for his own State of the Union address for weeks, then finally steps up to the mic and says, “OK, I said it, I take responsibility, now let’s move on.… By the way, Condi Rice is FAAABULOUS. It’s just 16 little words—including the words ‘nuclear’ and ‘weapons.’ “

If we buy this without all being unbelievable pissed off, we ARE stupid. Did Harry Truman’s sign say, “The buck stops over there—or there—or never mind?” I think not.

This would be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious. It’s time to get the UN and a truly broad-based international presence into Iraq and stop with trying to prove this bloodbath was a good idea. Let’s move on alright… move on to dealing with the situation, not standing around watching American kids get picked off one by one till someone gets a grip on reality.

And speaking of serious…. this bit about gay marriage being a SERIOUS PROBLEM? People are being thrown out of their jobs left and right, companies are still sputtering from the thievery of the last few years by their CEO’s, the war on Al Queda has turned into a war on certain people the Bush family always hated, and we’re now revving up for an election campaign about gay people getting married being a PROBLEM? Oh my faith-based GAWD!

Lee Atwater must have left some instructions in his will…

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